About me

Hi, I’m Arjun. Welcome to my blog!

I am a computer engineer having over 12 years of experience designing and optimising high volume transaction and analytics systems. Most of my work has been on Database Architecture, Data Platform Modernisation and Analytics.

After starting my career as a .NET application developer in 2007, I soon specialised in database development and business intelligence. I have worked as Database developer/DBA, Data team lead and Analytics Manager. I am presently based in Sydney, Australia, where I work as a Data Architect. I am on the lookout for leadership roles, so please get in touch if you are hiring.

As you can guess from my handle, I am a cycling enthusiast. I like all forms of cycling,  but mostly follow road races and tours. I hope you will find my posts useful. Have fun!

If you need my help with any of the blog topics, please drop me an email at sivadasan.arjun@gmail.com

LinkedIn: https://au.linkedin.com/in/arjunsivadasan

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